What Is the Law on Overhanging Branches in England?
September 29, 2020

Over the summer, you may have noticed overhanging branches, trees that could require removal. Inspecting trees on your land, and removing them when they become a danger, is a legal requirement in England.

Hiring a tree arborist is the best way to ensure you are complying with the law. Here at Hi-Line, we are a leading arboricultural tree service, dealing with gardens big and small. Our tree surgeons cover Exeter, Cornwall, Bristol and London.

So, what is the law on trees?

Whose Responsibility Is It? 

Ensuring the removal of any hazardous tree branches or overhanging branches is the responsibility of the landowner.

It is down to the individual to inspect their trees and hire a tree arborist if necessary. However, if the property falls on council-owned land, then it would be the local authority’s responsibility.

If trees are on boundary lines, the upkeep is then the joint responsibility of neighbours.

Why Does it Matter? 

Under the Occupier’s Liability Act (1957) every landowner has the responsibility of ensuring their land is safe. Therefore, overhanging branches and tree stumps must be removed.

If you own a tree on your land which isn’t safely managed, then you could be liable.

Hiring a tree arborist with Hi-Line, will help you comply with the law, due to their expertise in the field.

What is the Cost? 

At Hi-Line, we can provide cost-effective tree removal and tree stump removal, however, services do depend on the type of tree and its location.

The cost will vary depending on the presence of power lines and overall difficulty with removal. Nonetheless, we will always happily give you a free quote when inquiring.

Overhanging branches and tree stumps at first glance may not appear threatening, but ensuring their removal is a legal requirement for the safety of all land users. Contact Hi-Line to enquire about our range of domestic and commercial tree services.