Tree Arborist VS Tree Surgeon: The Differences
September 24, 2019

If you’re contemplating hiring a professional to thin or cut back trees and shrubs in your garden, on your land or for your commercial site, one of the first questions you’ll probably want answering is “what is a tree surgeon” and is this the right solution for my trees? In our opinion, the difference between tree surgeons and tree arborists is slight, that’s because the team here at Hi-Line deal with all kinds of work, including domestic tree surgery, tree management, and commercial site clearance. Unfortunately, though, the abundance of what can only be termed “cowboy” tree surgeons in the UK’s modern marketplace has really given the trade a bad name.

What is arboriculture?

The term arboriculture refers to the care and cultivation of individual trees, which is a fairly broad definition that encompasses both tree surgeons and tree arborists. However, many of today’s tree surgeons don’t have the knowledge or education needed to understand exactly why they’re cutting trees and the ways this can impact on the growth, safety and health of a tree.

Tree surgeon vs tree arborist in a nutshell

As noted above, if you’re seeking a good tree care company for work throughout the UK, it’s important to choose someone who knows what they are doing and has the right equipment. There are lots of fantastic tree surgeons in the UK, doing a brilliant job of tree cutting and tree care. Just because these individuals term themselves tree surgeons doesn’t mean they don’t have a clue about cutting back different types of trees. But, as noted in our first paragraph some of the “cowboys” on the market have given the trade a bad name.

Many contemporary tree surgeons now term themselves, tree arborists, in order to distance themselves somewhat from the sort of chainsaw cowboys that simply hack and chop branches from trees, without really knowing what they’re doing. Ultimately, when you opt for this sort of service, you could lose your trees altogether, potentially damage your property and over budget.

If you’re looking for professional tree surgeons with arboriculture knowledge, qualifications and skills, get in touch with Hi-Line to discuss your needs today. We can handle the toughest jobs, whether in domestic or commercial premises and our specialists are fully trained and qualified in providing the best tree care services, as well as environmental practices. And, yes, we’re still happy to term ourselves “tree surgeons”, but on the understanding that all our professionals have been fully trained and are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are equipped to provide proper tree care.