Saving Devon’s Treescapes Project
March 22, 2021

If you aren’t already aware Hi-Line are ‘all about trees’ and we pride ourselves in all aspects of arboriculture, as well as tree planting and after care.

Hundreds of Devon residents currently have the chance to get a free tree due to our cancelled big tree giveaway and a partnership project between Torbay Council and the Devon Wildlife trusts. Saving Devon’s Treescapes is led by Devon Wildlife trust on behalf of the Devon Ash Dieback resilience forum. It’s a partnership project supported by the National Lottery Heritage fund as well as other funders.

During the 19/20 planting season our mission was to plant as close to 5000 trees as possible, to help to replace the huge number of Ash trees that are now dying and being removed due to the devasting impact ash dieback is expected to have on the British landscape over the next few years.

As part of Hi-Lines ongoing campaign to encourage tree planting across the southwest, we put together a free tree giveaway for the 2020 Devon County Show. Hi-Line planned to giveaway 1500 x Quercus Robur (Native) 40-60cm cell grown trees at this year’s show to the general public, but unfortunately like most things this year Covid-19 put a stop to this. This left a large number of trees without a home and without the correct facilities to store them we needed a plan.

Being a main contractor for Torbay Council and following on from discussions with both the Council and the Saving Devon’s Treescapes team we decided to donate all 1500 trees to Saving Devon’s Treescapes, Meeth Quarry nature reserve tree hub. The Saving Devon’s treescapes project offer free trees (saplings) for planting in your garden or any land where you have permission to plant. They are currently giving our oak trees away at local distribution hubs where you can collect a free tree, a planting guide and tree protection. Each support hub will have around 200-400 trees to giveaway and will be run by local volunteers. All trees available are UK broadleaf native species such as oak, field maple, aspen, lime, beech, birch, and hazel.

Saving Devon’s Treescapes aim to provide hope and action in the face of the alarming changes that are already affecting our precious treescapes, by supporting local communities across the county to plant and nurture thousands of replacement trees.

  • Some great benefits of tree planting:
  • Removes and stores Carbon from the air, helping fight the climate crisis
  • Purifying and improving air quality
  • Helping keep our streets homes cool
  • Prevents water pollution from stormwater
  • Helps Reduce flood risk
  • Trees improve soil quality
  • Creates and sustains wildlife habitat
  • Positive impact on mental health and well-being, reducing stress and encouraging outdoor activities

To find out more about the Saving Devon Treescapes and for more information of up and coming tree hubs please visit – Saving Devon’s Treescapes Or Contact Hi-Line to enquire about our range of domestic and commercial tree services.