Reducing our carbon footprint bit by bit!
July 12, 2022

Reducing our Carbon Footprint bit by bit!

With the environment at the core of our company values, Hi-Line recognise the importance of making a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. We have teamed up with RSK Group corporate responsibility and sustainability team to provide us with a transparent calculation of our footprint. Providing guidance to ensure that our business unit targets to become carbon neutral are realistic. In January 2020 RSK Group signed the Pledge to net zero to demonstrate their commitment to transition towards a net-zero economy. RSK Groups target under pledge is to achieve a 30% reduction in their total UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. RSK group are committed to reviewing progress made towards our sustainability targets and goals. Reporting all efforts so we keep pace with the transformational change needed to address the global sustainable challenge.

As part of Hi-Lines commitment to RSK Group and in reducing our carbon footprint, we have recently upgraded some of our petrol hand held power tools to the new Professional Husqvarna lithium-ion battery powered equipment. The new tools are easier to use, ergonomic and efficient, whilst producing fewer vibrations and zero direct emissions. So, they are kinder on your arms as well as the environment.

As well as helping reduce our emissions and carbon footprint we are now able to offer a quieter tree surgery service for customers in noise sensitive areas.