Protecting the trees in construction sites
August 29, 2020

We all benefit from including trees in our landscape. Forests and woodlands are essential to our wellbeing and have inspired us for centuries. Forestry England recently celebrated their centenary year with a host of artistic and wildlife focused events. These celebrations remind us why protecting trees in construction sites is so important.

How a tree arborist can help

Our team of experienced consultants and ecologists are skilled in producing tree safety surveys and arboricultural reports. By surveying your construction plans we can advise on both large and small developments. We can help to protect the trees in your project, no matter if it’s domestic or commercial.

Minimise damage

We can advise on how best to protect the trees following an assessment by our highly trained experts. Setting up a protected zone using fencing is usual practice and ensures that the trunk, any branches and the root system are preserved. By minimising the damage you can help to eliminate disease and decay caused by infection.

To prevent the compaction of the soil surrounding the tree, it’s necessary to store machinery away from the site. The slope of the land must also be taken into consideration when using materials that could contaminate the soil.

By assessing the physical and structural condition of the tree, we can determine whether the tree will add value to your development. If a tree is too old and diseased it may be necessary to use our tree stump removal services and replant a healthy and vigorous new specimen.

Taking care of our trees and woodlands is as important to us as it is to you. We are committed to using our specialist knowledge in every tree service we offer. Whether you are looking for a tree surgeon in Exeter or advise about hedges or woodlands, contact our dedicated team today.