Planting Project – Riviera Way, Torquay
April 9, 2021

At the beginning of the year Hi-Line were asked to complete a planting project to plant around 150 Giant Redwood trees along Riviera Way, Torquay. As part of Torbay Councils commitment to improving the environment and to help reduce Torbay’s carbon emissions.

The trees were sourced locally by Hi-Line through a Devon Trade Tree Nursery and were imported into the UK via a Belgium grower. The trees came with a DEFRA Plant Health Passport and follow all industry standards. The Giant Redwood trees supplied were root ball stock and ranged between 0.8m and 1.0m at the time of planting and eventually could grow up to 150ft tall (46m in Britain). Despite our very best endeavours to source the same species of trees from UK nurseries and supply chains, no trees of this species and number were available at the time.

Introduced into the UK in the early 1890’s, Giant redwoods also known as Wellingtonia, Californian redwood and the giant sequoia, were planted as avenues on many large estates and parks throughout Britain. The Giant redwood tree is quick to grow and on a wide range of soils, with a narrow conical, pointed crown that has branches that sweep down and then up at the ends. These resilient giants also have fire resistant bark and can live for thousands of years.

Riviera way has long been, since its construction in early 1990’s, the gateway road into Torquay. The trees were planted along the north side of Riviera Way between the Hamelin Way Junction and the Browns Bridge Road junction and along the south of Riviera Way between Browns Bridge footpath and the Newton Road junction.

It seemed that the jury was out with regards to the non-native tree species selected for this project. However, we believe that species diversification to encourage a greater range of tree species for future resilience in Torbay is a positive step forward and are pleased to be working with Torbay Council on the project, by planting these amazing legacy trees!

Torbay, known as the English Riviera, is not known for its native tree species and many native tree species do not thrive in Torbay, due to its diverse and changing climate. It was therefore considered appropriate to continue with the establishment of an existing avenue of Redwood trees planted back in 1999 and 2010.

A great insight into this fantastic project from one of our Hi-Line employees Sam. Whilst on site planting these amazing trees he commented: “When I’m in my 80’s and I have children, I can bore them to death saying. Look kids I planted those trees 2021”. Exactly the response both Hi-Line and Torbay Council wanted Sam, Well done!

Planting schemes and taking care of trees is as important to us as it is to you. We are committed to using our specialist knowledge in every tree service we offer. Whether you are loo king for a tree surgeon in Exeter or just want some advice about a local tree planting project, contact our dedicated team today.