Overgrown trees and hedges
January 8, 2021

Is your garden getting a little bit on the untidy side? You may find that you need to start cutting back overgrown trees and hedges to spruce up your outdoor area. Or perhaps you need to prune a few branches to achieve a neater look and make sure your garden isn’t spilling out onto property that isn’t yours.

Before you start cutting down a tree or pruning it, you’ll want to assess how big the tree is and ask whether you feel comfortable cutting it down and working at height. A small tree – such as a hedge – is an easy job to do at home. Cutting back overgrown hedges requires tools easily found in most DIY stores: pruning shears or loppers are great at cutting back overgrown hedges, and a hedge trimmer is a brilliant choice for those looking to add a more formal and overall neater finish to their hedge.

The question of when to cut hedges depends on the age of your hedge, and whether it is an informal or formal hedge – newer hedges demand formative pruning in Winter or Spring. After a couple of years, you’ll want to carry out maintenance trimming, once a year for informal hedges and twice for formal types.

But what if your tree is a little bigger than a hedge? A large tree is a big job to tackle on your own and could end in disaster if not done properly. That’s where our tree care company can help. We offer a cost-effective tree cutting service that delivers high-quality results.

Whether you’re looking to remove an existing tree large or small or want to reshape a hedge in your garden, our team of experts are on hand to provide the very best tree care services. Our expertise in tree care services means we’re well equipped to deal with any problem that needs sorting- from routine garden care to one-off specialist work. Contact us today to learn more.