Our Major Projects team creates and implements large–scale technically demanding solutions for all aspects of commercial development. Importantly, we understand the timing and cost pressures that are often associated with construction and development sites. Therefore we pride ourselves on our track record of delivering tangible added value in the most difficult circumstances.


We specialise in mechanised tree and vegetation clearance. We work closely with clients throughout projects to safely deliver on time and within budget.

For complex and difficult sites we provide innovative and creative solutions. Where possible, and cost-effective, we remove material from site afterwards for recycling or this can be left on site to be incorporated into the topsoil strip.

Our teams are fully trained and qualified for the machinery that they operate, including NPTC, CSCS, CPCS and FMOC qualifications.


We are experienced in managing all elements of large projects and liaising with site management and any other other contractors. Working to ensure that works are completed safely and efficiently.

We have a consummate knowledge of where we sit in the multitude of site trades and how they interface with each other – who does what, when and how.


We are experienced in the management and control of invasive species. This is a specialised area where care and caution need to be exercised. Invasive species are often found in areas where they can easily spread into water courses and traffic routes or brown-field sites where they have been left unchecked. Their control requires careful planning to ensure that an appropriate and effective solution is achieved.


We provide a broad range of environmental and ecological services to commercial and utility clients including habitat creation, wildlife management, aquatic planting, path construction and other related services.

The range of environmental and ecological services we offer include:

  • Habitat creation
  • Destructive searches (with ecological supervision)
  • Site clearance & vegetation control
  • Reptile fencing
  • Removal & treatment of invasive and harmful species
  • Ecological protection
  • Aquatic planting & pond creation
  • Badger sett relocation and construction
  • Construction of paths and tracks


Below you will find links to some of our Major Projects Clients.

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