Level 2 Award in felling and processing trees up to 380mm (formerly NPTC CS31)

Felling and processing of trees up to 380mm

NPTC Assessment Unit 002004

This course is aimed at people wanting to learn how to safely fell coniferous or broad leafed trees up to 380mm in diameter and to process them safely and efficiently.

The course is suitable for people pursuing a career in forestry or arboriculture or for anyone needing to carry out felling on their own land.

This three day field based course will provide the candidate with all the skills and knowledge required to undertake the NPTC Level 2 Unit 002004 assessment.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon the completion of this course, the candidate will:

  • Have gained an understanding of relevant industry health & safety legislation and risk assessment;
  • Understand the Personal Protective Equipment required for tree felling;
  • Be able to assess individual trees for hazards prior to felling;
  • Be competent in carrying out standard felling cuts on trees up to 380mm, as well as more specialist cuts for trees which are leaning backward slightly or leaning forward;
  • Understand the dangers involved it dealing with hung up trees and have the skills and knowledge to deal with them safely;
  • Be able to safely and efficiently remove the branches from the felled trees as well as cross cut them into specified lengths;
  • Have learned the correct lifting techniques for moving and stacking timber on site.


Equipment required:

Appropriate chainsaw for ground use (between 40-60 cc with a guide bar length of around 15”), fuel/oil, maintenance tools, felling lever and timber tongs.

PPE Required:  Chainsaw trousers Class 1 type A or C, chainsaw boots, chainsaw helmet with ear and eye protection, chainsaw gloves.

All equipment is available to hire at an additional cost including PPE.  Please enquire for details.


Pre-requisites for this course: Cross cutting and chainsaw maintenance (NPTC 002003 or CS30)

Course duration:

Three days training with assessment on a separate day


Training £345 per person plus VAT

Assessment £150 per person


5, 6, 7 August 2020 – sold out

19, 20, 21 October 2020 (assessment 22 October 2020)

Refresher courses are also available either with or without assessment.  Please enquire for details.