How do Christmas tree farms take care of their trees?
December 4, 2020

Despite being so heavily associated with just one season, looking after Christmas trees goes far beyond that.

From day one, right up until harvest, trees should be cared for by hand. The ground they grow in must be prepared and fenced against wildlife such as rabbits and possibly deer. Seeds will be nurtured into seedlings to be planted in their nurseries. Regular fertilising is required, and careful pruning must be maintained, to make sure the trees reach marketable size, shape, and height.

A crop of Christmas trees can take about seven or eight years to grow to the right size before they are ready to sell. At this stage, the trees should be cut as late as possible to ensure they stay fresh and retain most of their needles over the Christmas period.

Once cut, Christmas trees should be cared for just like any other house plant. They need to be watered every day if you want to sustain that seasonal pine scent and ideal needle retention.

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