February 29, 2024


Life beyond the military – outdoors


For over six years the Hi-Line Training team have been working with the charity HighGround (opens in a new tab) delivering arboriculture workshops and first aid courses as part of the charity’s rural week programmes (opens in a new tab). During this period a great working relationship has developed and both Kirsty and Matt from Hi-Line Training (www.hilinetraining.co.uk) are on the charity’s Development Board representing arboriculture.

HighGround helps military veterans and service leavers discover what opportunities there are in the land based sector for the skills and experience they have gained during their time in the military. During the rural weeks programme those attending get to meet a wide range of people working in the land-based sector to hear about the variety of outdoor jobs that are available. The arboriculture workshops are always popular and many of those attending have then gone on to new careers in tree work, including several joining Hi-Line as trainee arborists.


In 2023 the charity celebrated its 10th anniversary and as part of its vision for the next 5 years they asked Kirsty (MD of Hi-Line Training) and Aden (utility climber at Hi-Line, who joined as a trainee, having met the Hi-Line Training team during a HighGround Rural Experience Week) if they would be part of a short promotional film that the charity were making. The film was launched at a reception at the Tower of London on 25 October 2023 – https://youtube/aosvtTP3fRE


As the charity looks forward to its next 10 years we look forward to continuing the strong partnership we have with them.