Emergency Tree work
March 30, 2021

Our Bristol tree care team recently received a call from a worried customer, who had noticed one of their trees required an emergency tree work team. The tree itself had partially lifted at the base (uprooted). The tree turned out to be a 200-year-old Hornbeam which had been surveyed by a member of our consultancy team back in 2018. Our consultants had recommend the tree was removed due to the presence of Honey Fungus (Armillaria Mellea)  over the now partially failed root plate.

Our team had been dispatched and onsite within an hour of the emergency call. Our domestic team Leader Jules and Western Power Field Manager Luke attended to risk assess the tree and any power cables within the proximity of the work area. Our fully qualified team along with the help form our suppliers Avon Access returned with a 31 metre tracked spider lift platform to undertake the emergency tree work required.

The tree was expertly dismantled taking care to remove the entire crown whilst looking after the customers garden and Pagoda directly below. Rather than completely felling the tree, it was left at around 4 metres in height at would be classed as a monolith. A stable and safe structure that along with keeping it architectural appeal will play host to a wide range of wildlife species that depend on the decaying wood and cavities.

For any advise relating to tree care or to call on an emergency team please contact us.

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