What we do

We have a responsibility to protect the wildlife and important habitats that might be affected by our activities. In order to ensure that our work is carried out in a sensitive manner, Hi-Line employs two full-time ecologists to provide guidance and support.

The day-to-day work of our ecologists involves carrying out surveys of sensitive sites, producing method statements, providing advice and overseeing works, as well as liaising with statutory consultees such as Natural England and the Environment Agency.

As well as overseeing our own activities, our ecologists provide services to external clients including tree-climbing bat inspections, habitat surveys and securing badger licences for essential utility works.

ecology services

  • Site surveys – for protected species
  • Ad-hoc advice
  • Reptile surveys
  • Reports and method statements
  • Tree inspections for bats (including climbing inspections)
  • Phase 1 habitat surveys
  • Watching brief and guidance
  • Nesting bird surveys

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