Ash Dieback – Our Approach
November 11, 2021
The Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality team at Hi-Line are constantly reviewing how we tackle Ash Dieback. We have been working with clients in utilities, domestic and commercial departments to understand the challenges that Ash Dieback presents in undertaking safe work methods. Our Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality team is constantly busy keeping our employees safe and engaged with their work.

Our Ash Dieback protocol enables us to work in the safest possible way with trees effected by ADB. In many cases these projects require special considerations including specialist equipment, training, and liaisons with the client. We aim to keep each and every one of our clients informed and up to date with the company protocol, as and when it’s reviewed. The Hi-Line protocol is built around guidance provided by The Arboricultural Association and The Forestry Commission.

We have managed to maintain a great record of tackling the ADB projects, with safety at the forefront of our work-site planning. The industry has welcomed our pro-active approach with multiple requests to share our best practice – which we have honoured.

Should you wish to discuss how best to approach Ash Dieback please do not hesitate to contact us.


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